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Everything must go, as Room Service strips this kitchen back to the rafters. It doesn't date back to the 1870's, but it hasn't changed much since the 1970's. Host Sarah Richardson has the floors replaced, shows us how to order custom cabinetry and finds a few surprises lurking behind the walls. The overall update lends itself a masculine look for the single male client. Industrial elements, sleek appliances and steely tones make it work for any occasion.
Sarah Richardson

Pratt & Lambert

2271- ventana- walls

2247- wolf- cabinets

2283- gossamer- trim/doors

2240- minnow- back room walls

2201- classic grey- ceiling

where do I find...
Duffy Design Build Ltd.- Contractor
appliances- Frigidaire
stainless coutertops- Tony Alonzi
cabinets- Altima Kitchens
hardware- Summerhill Hardware
walnut island/shelf- Treebone Design
stools- Sarah Richardson Design
fabric for stools- LA Fabrics
all tile- Saltillo Imports
heated floors- NuHeat
glass jars- Caban
metal bowl- Zac Ridgely
plates- Ashleys
tray- Hollace Cluny
Sarah Richardson

featured guest
Zac Ridgely
Metal Artist, Zac Ridgely Studio Works
100 Mill St., Unit 36 - 37
Toronto ON

shopping trip
Altima Kitchens
176 Rivermede Rd.,
Concord, ON

Sarah gives us a primer course on custom kitchen cabinet timelines. After the plan is done the doors are ordered. They can take 4-5 weeks to be delivered. The cabinets then get built, the doors and cabinets get sprayed. This can take about a week. It takes a couple of days to install it all, after which you can measure for counter tops. It can take a total of 8 – 12 weeks from start to finish.

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