country christmas- cider & chocolate
Room Service slips into the holidays like a favourite wool sweater. Host Sarah Richardson focuses on the simple things that make this a most special time of year. We head to her home in the country, where Sarah creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, in direct contrast to the usual frenzied holiday rush. After finding just the right tree we arrive back home to mulled cider that warms the soul. Sarah decorates using accents borrowed from nature, and suggests gift ideas that are her trademark alone. She then creates decadent individual chocolate cakes with a raspberry puree for unexpected holiday guests. It all culminates in a casual yet elegant table that ushers in a stress-free holiday season filled with friends and family.
Sarah Richardson

where do I find...
white dishes- All the Best
metal containers- Binz

Sarah’s Decadent, Divine and Delicious Molten Chocolate Cakes

1/3 c unsalted butter
6 ounces bittersweet chocolate
3 egg whites
6 egg yolks
1/2 c brown sugar
1/3 c all purpose flour
1/2 tsp vanilla

-melt butter and chocolate in a pan over low heat (you may wish to use a double boiler if you have one)
-beat egg whites in an electric mixer until they form stiff peaks – set aside in separate bowl
-blend egg yolks and sugar using electric mixer on med speed for 2 minutes until light and fluffy
-add vanilla and chocolate mixture to the egg yolks and beat on med-high for 2- 3 minutes until it resembles whipped pudding
-fold the flour into the chocolate mixture by hand, but do not overmix
-fold egg whites into the batter lightly until blended
-grease a muffin tin
-preheat oven to 425 degrees
-spoon the batter into the muffin tin (this recipe makes 6 individual cakes)
-bake for 5 – 6 minutes (the key is have a liquid chocolate interior)
-use a knife to carefully loosen the cakes from the tin

Raspberry Puree

1 container frozen fresh raspberries
1/2 c brown sugar
1/2 tsp lemon or orange zest (optional)
1 tsp orange juice

-cook on medium to high heat for 10 to 15 minutes stirring constantly (or until raspberries have dissolved and mixture has started to thicken – it should not be as thick as jam when complete. If it won’t thicken, add a bit more sugar and turn up the heat a bit)
-you may put the mixture through a sieve to strain the seeds, but I like it with the seeds

-serve individual cakes on puddle of raspberry puree while still warm
-garnish with fresh whipped cream (or ice cream) and chocolate shavings


Sarah Richardson

Sarah’s Holiday Mulled Cider

You will need….

Whole allspice berries
Whole cloves
Ground nutmeg
Cinnamon sticks
Kitchen twine
Tins or jars for packaging
Wrapping paper for labels
Shipping tags for gift card/ instructions

Cut the cheesecloth into 7 by 7 inch squares (you may want to use a double layer)
Mix equal parts of allspice and cloves together in a bowl
Spoon a tablespoon of allspice/cloves + 1/2 a teaspoon of nutmeg into the centre of the square of cheesecloth
Tie closed with a length of kitchen twine
Trim the excess cheesecloth away from the top
Package into tins or jars – ideally 4 to 6 sachets per gift, top with 2 cinnamon sticks per sachet

Serving instructions:
Heat 4 cups of unsweetened apple cider with 1 sachet of mulling spices and 2 cinnamon sticks over medium heat until cider is warm and spicy
Serve with a cinnamon stick as garnish (but be sure to pour into heat safe glasses or mugs)

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