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Sarah Richardson
frequently asked questions
Q. On a recent episode, Sarah wrapped books in paper. Can you please tell me what type of paper she used.

A. We used a heavy weight artist paper measuring 20" x 30" which we purchased at Loomis & Tooles Art Store. It comes in many sizes, weights, colours and textures.

Q. Where is Room Service shot?

A. Room Service is shot in the greater Toronto Ontario area. 

Q. Is Sarah Richardson available for private consultations outside of the show?

A. Yes, but please understand that between Sarah's private design practice and the show, her time is very limited.  However, to book an appointment either email us through this site or visit

Q. How can I obtain instructions for projects seen on Room Service?

A. Email us directly and we'll do the best we can to help you out.

Q. I love the stores that Sarah visits.  How do I find out where she shops?

A. Check the "episode" on the website for a listing of shops Sarah visited.  Then go to "resources" for an address and/or telephone number. 

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